Here are a few questions frequently asked by our clients. If your question is not listed, please ask - it's important to us:
How far in advance can I book one of your ensembles?
Most of the ensembles we offer are bookable 12 months in advance.
How much commission do you charge on every booking?
Our fee of 15% is included in the engagement fee.  This covers administration duties and the maintainence and development of this website as well as advertising and marketing costs.
Can I go to hear one of your bands the next time you're playing?
Much of our work is for private events, but where possible, we will arrange for you to come and hear a band.
What is the maximum timespan one of your bands play for?
Duration of performance depends upon the ensemble being booked and the playing situation.  We try to urge our clients to consider performance quality versus performance time - there's nothing worse than your guests watching tired musicians try to get to the end of a 4 hour set!  We'll be glad to discuss this with you and accommodate your requirements where possible.
Our event is outside N. Ireland - do you travel to play events elsewhere?
All our musicians are professional players used to travelling throughout the UK, Ireland, and beyond.  We take travel time and costs into consideration when pricing entertainment for your event.
Do you have a CD featuring your artists?
Many of our Artistes have recorded cds, even albums.  Where possible we will be glad to send you a cd, without obligation.
How long do you need to set-up equipment prior to starting to play?
This depends upon the ensemble. For example, Nightswing, our 9-piece band require approximately 45 mins to set-up, whereas a string quartet can be ready to play in a couple of minutes. 
Can we choose a playlist from your repertoire for our event?
Repertoire lists are available on this site for some of our Artists - others can be emailed to you on request.  We would be glad to discuss a playlist for your event based upon repertoire, but would ask you to allow us to alter a playlist 'on the gig' should circumstances dictate.  Our musicians have performed at many events and we regard the skill of 'reading an audience' an essential part of the performance.
Can we choose what the musicians wear at our event?
Broadly speaking we classify our dress code into 3 catagories. At the time of booking, please specify what you would like us to wear:
formal...dinner suits with black tie/evening dresses.
smart casual - dark suit/dress, shirt/blouse.
casual - clean, tidy, casual trousers/tops/shirts, etc...
What are your terms of payment?
Where possible, a cheque 'on the day' is greatly appreciated.
We are a small (and perfectly formed) company and we believe the resources required to chase payments are better spent on further improving the quality of our performances and pre-booking service.
Do we need to send you a deposit to secure the booking?
A deposit is NOT required to secure a booking.  Upon confirmation of the engagement by both parties, we will send you a 'letter of acceptance' containing full details of the booking.  Upon our receipt of a signed copy of this letter, a contract is formed between us.
What happens if I cancel one of your ensembles?
If you cancel between one and four weeks from the date of the engagement, under the terms of the 'letter of acceptance' (see above), you are liable to pay us 50% of the engagement fee. If you cancel within 1 week of the engagement, you are liable to pay us 100% of the engagement fee.
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